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Vacances Françaises had wanted this week discover the countryside…lose it on the France’s little roads, see the autumn’s colors, stay in a familiar and quiet place…For this, what’s better than stay in the country house ! In this House, we find the belongings bought here and there…The Ceramic plates found in Vallauris, the soaps bought in Marseille, the keyrings from Pays-Basque, the watercolour notebooks from Dordogne, the linen tablecloths from Armentières, the cards and envelopes from Paris…Such a lot of little things who remember you the time of holidays !


September, end of summer, beginning of autumn, is the new season for someone, holidays for the others. Time to prepare nice dishes, to wear flaming clothes. Vacances françaises, has selected for you lovely products which have body and soul like rope and leather bracelets, cedar bath shower gel. But also linen aprons, coffee cups in porcelain, paring knifes, copper saucepans to make tasty little dishes. And too a prestige correspondence box to send dinner invitations… to please you and the others.


Summer is there and with him, the desire to travel, to discover and to immerse in the Blue of the sea , the sky… For this occasion, Vacances Françaises propose Blue products to put in your feet with the espadrilles from Hossegor, on you with the beautiful sailor shirt from Quimper or tee-shirts from Dordogne, on your tables with the bubble glasses from Biot or the ceramic bowls from Vallauris, on your arms with linen shopping bags from Armentières. A selection of quality products, sailor bowling or wooden boats for the children, boxes of 3 Marseille soaps, linen aprons or pyramid shape pouches from la Ciotat…for all who love to dream.


Paris, capital of a “savoir-faire” that we don’t know. City of wax masters, printers, paper masters, all kinds artisans. Of this beautiful “savoir-faire”, pass on generation to generation, Vacances Françaises has known select for you the products the most emblematics : perfumed candles, perfumed of cedar, damask rose, jasmine, cotton flower, tea or honeysuckle.., boxes “Mode de Paris including cards and envelopes to correspond, student blackboard and colored chalks, hand cutting poplar wood puzzle, representing Kandinsky, Matisse or Renoir paintings…, but also para rope bracelets design by Mathieu Bouquet.


This is Almost Springtime ! At last ! Such a long time ! For this late becoming, Vacances Françaises turn towards colour and lightness, beauty and simplicity and propose a good selection of authentics products. Espadrilles from Pays Basque to colour your feet, handmade wood puzzle and  colour pencils to decorate the bedroom of your child, tee-shirts, V collar, short sleeves, 100% cotton from Dordogne, placemats in striped Basque cotton to light your table, pot in ceramic from Vallauris for your interiors plants,  toilet bags, Marseille soaps, scented lilac, lily of the valley or other spring flowers…A good “Made in France” selection, for everyone.


Nobody write anymore. It’s the century of SMS, MMS etc… But where are the cards and letters ? Nobody receive its and it’s the shame. It’s such lovely to receive words dressed in colors. Vacances Françaises, in this occasion has found for you lined cardsplain cards or correspondence boxes (cards and envelopes), perfect to correspond to a loved one. Also, in Vacances Françaises, wax setboxes including ink and dip pen, beautiful correspondence paper and doubled envelopes. All these products for the word’s lovers!


Our special “French Classics” selection : 15 iconic products which embody regional French “savoir-faire” for all tastes and budgets!  From left to right, and top to bottom :

Produits Made in France Bleu Blanc Rouge

Our unisex cosmetics/toiletries pouch in striped, heavy cotton in coulours indigenous to the Basque Country (from Magescq) 25€, which is pictured underneath a blue ceramic bowl, hand-thrown by the master potters of Vallauris, 12€.  Then of course, the indispensable, authentic Marseille soap cube made from 72% extra pure vegetable oil, (direct from Marseille) 4€.

To ward off a winter chill, how about a cozy red beanie in 100% virgin wool, woven in Brittany, (from Guidel) 45€, on top of which is shown a screw-fixed notebook in sturdy, refillable construction paper (from Poissy) 17.50€.

For our gourmets, a delectable bag of stuffed raspberries from Vichy, for only 9.50€ !  And for your dining room table, marine glasses in unbreakable Duralex (from La Chapelle-St. Mesmin) 3€/each.  For cleaning your glasses, our red/white/blue dishtowel  is the perfect choice in 100 % linen (from Armentières) 16€, and– on which rests a “6-function”, steel pocket-knife with a wood-burned, engraved handle (from Nontron) 83€.

To delicately perfume your house, what better than a ‘Carrière Frères’ scented candle, of 100% vegetable origin, (from Paris) 35€?

Or…let yourself be seduced by the influence of ‘Arnaud Montebourg’ design, and succumb to the cosy comfort of our original women’s marine striped T-shirt, in 100% soft cotton, made in France by Armor-Lux (in Quimper), especially for Vacances Françaises, 69€.

On a different note, another classic for games, or even divining the future; a deck of Tarot cards de Marseille (from St. Max) 27€.

And finally, to round out our mini-tour of France, 3 mythical products: our hand-blown “bubble” stemmed water glass (from Biot) 36,5€, or our red bilboquet game in authentic Jura wood (from Moirans-en-Montagne) 14,5€ or even, a “Bistro red” teacup/saucer in Limoges porcelain with hand-applied gold-edged detail (from Chauvigny) 20€ !

Who could possibly resist ?


Beige is both a soothing and chic colour. It evokes sand, linen and subtle onset of autumn. In French cities, beige echoes the elegance of finely carved stonework.

Beige Made in france products selection

In September, we interpreted this colour with some “basic & timeless” products. Our tote bag in thick natural linen (620g/m2) and large dimensions (70 x 52 cm) into which you can put all your travel gear or your days shopping.

Or our spiral bound notebook with refillable construction paper in 100% pure blank fiber (80 tear-off sheets), with a rubber band to secure it, to use as a journal after a walk or a special visit… A beautiful pocket knife with an olive wood handle, hand-forged in Thiers and a raw linen dish towel woven in Armentières in the north would be ideal companions for a mushroom picking adventure…

In a “taupe” mood this ceramic bowl from Vallauris is simply superb: it exists in different sizes and formats. Finally, keeping with a “camouflage” spirit, our hand-braided rope bracelet, can save your life if necessary with its 2.5 meter length. Otherwise how about lazing around the house in linen-coloured espadrilles, the most comfortable house-shoes ever!

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